Project Definition

Project Definition

The Ci-RES project is a national structural project (region 3) which responds to the Algerian national priorities for category 2 on "improving management and actions at the level of higher education institutions". It touches on the national theme "university services" and this through the creation and / or reformulation of the Algerian university institutions services that are partners of the project (in particular) and of all the Algerian universities (in general) through the involvement of the Algerian MESRS which, through its decision-making power, will ensure the application of the measures proposed by the Ci-RES consortium at the national university services level

The project attempts to offer new university services through the creation of an office dedicated to supporting and monitoring refugees through the creation of an institutional guide and internal regulations. The members of the refugee monitoring service will be affiliated with the vice-rectorate in charge of external relations of Algerian universities and will work in close collaboration with the university's professional liaison service.

At the regional level, and still in category 2, the project touches on the priority of "equity, access to, and democratization of higher education through the integration of vulnerable groups, peoples and regions. . . It attaches particular importance to the question of refugees and their social and professional integration in general and within universities in particular. The role of the ministry as main partner would be to legitimize and regulate the actions undertaken by the consortium in order to generalize them to all Algerian universities. The project proposes a prospective study of the refugee situation that transcends the current workforce in higher education, in order to offer an effective and sustainable measures for future generations of refugees currently enrolled in primary, middle and secondary education and who are growing rapidly every year. According to the 2019 World Education Report, the school-age refugee population could reach 22% by 2030.

The project makes it possible to highlight the difficulties of integration at the social level of each Algerian higher establishment partner, academic and professional level and offers concrete solutions through training, service and cultural, sports and professional activities. These activities affect the three main categories of the university community: 1 refugees, 2. academic staff and 3. Administrative staff.

it proposes operational measures through the creation of the office for refugee affairs and the internal regulations.

Treated fields :

- Access for disadvantaged people

-   refugees Integration

- Equity

Also the project allow to promote the horizontal policies of the European Union which are:

- Culture, education and youth,

- Employment and social rights,

- Justice, internal affairs, citizens' rights and transversal policies,

- External Relations and Foreign Affairs

Thus, the project promotes and fosters regional integration and cooperation between partner countries through joint initiatives of the sharing good practices and cooperation projects.